All the identity services you need in one place

Forget the high costs of trying to identify, authenticate and securely access your customers information. Workbench has the products you need all in one toolbox. Sorted.

User Identity Management (UIM)

Possibly everything you need to manage identity.


User Onboarding

Attract and retain customers using the Workbench Onboarding APIs. The Onboarding APIs reduce the number of inputs a customer is required to enter to use your product. Reducing this friction makes for happier customers. Customers already on the Workbench platform benefit from secure auto-fill directly in your app.



Forget passwords! Give your customers smooth login and authentication into you app or product. The Workbench Authentication APIs use secure multi-factors to get customers authenticated faster and securely.


User Profile Management

Imagine being able to have the latest user profile data for your customers. The Workbench User Profile Management APIs allow you to securely request access to your user's updated data in real time. Meaning no more "old data". User profile data is up to date and completely encrypted.

The Workbench User Identity Management (UIM) product works with mySafe.

Fraud Management

Fraud management tools, from the world’s leading financial service providers.


Fraud Detection Algorithms

Workbench is bringing together the world’s leading fraud detection algorithms to fight fraud better, together. Harness the power of the world’s first peer-sharing community to fight fraud crime better than ever. Select an algorithm to use in conjunction with your methodology to boost your own protective measures. Consume multiple algorithms to detect fraud like never before.


Aggregated Verification

For customers wishing to use leading fraud verification services on a usage basis. Workbench’s Verification Services API allows you to call-for-service, as needed.


Advanced Monitoring

Partnering with the worlds best banking, fraud and cyber security companies ensures that we are always one step ahead. Our advanced monitoring will provide you with a high level of awareness and reduce your fraud levels.

The Workbench Fraud Management product works with mySafe.


User information and privacy, fully controlled by the user. An API accessible secure locker for users, that stores important information (e.g. persaonal data, ID, fianncials, transaction data, credit data, superannuation data) so you don't have to.


Private & Secure

Users are increasingly concerned about the security, privacy, distribution and control of their personal information and so should you. Give your users the peace of mind with mySafe, by Workbench. Get access to the information you need, without the responsibility. Information is locked down using an individual security key solely held by the user.


User Owned Data

Users want to know where and how their personal data is being used and managed. Reduce your security burden by using mySafe to provide your users the ability to manage their data in one place. Users will always own their data and they can choose who they want to share it with, business or individual.


End-to-End Encryption

Simple database encryption isn't enough. Workbench uses end-to-end encryption to ensure user data is always protected. Companies like Facebook, Whatsapp and Signal use end-to-end encryption to reduce data breaches and to increase trust. It's time you did too. Start using mySafe and give your customers the security they deserve.